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"...An Honest Estate Agent!"

The reason for selling our home is simple - we are getting older and older!
We used to do gardening ourselves, but now after we both have retired we find this "weekly hobby" a little out of favour. 

Why did we choose Kerry as our agent? A very good Australian friend of ours suggested that JRW is very good and very popular. Initially we had planned to contact at least 3 estate agents just to compare and to ring JRW first. But after his first visit we decided to just stick with Kerry. We like his warm and friendly personality and the most important, we think, was Kerry's openess and honesy. We think these combined "good points" have wiped out our fear of the popular belief that one has to shop around before one can find an honest estate agent! 

Indeed, Kerry's warm personality and openness have helped us overcome these challenges.
He has followed through with what he said he would do as our agent. What impressed us most, perhaps, was Kerry's firm assurance of "you'll be right" had proven correct and had made our effort to sell our beloved house and home of almost 41 years ending happily.

Needless to say, we are very, very happy with the result we have achieved. Kerry has proven himrself to be a very good and experienced agent with very warm personality. Even though very brief in terms of the time of our contact between Vendor and Agent, we can assure you that our respect and warm friendship with Kerry will never fade away and we will not hesitate to recommend Kerry as a very good agent to our friends and family.

Hidayat and Lily

Kerry and Joyce know their business well...we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone

Kerry and Joyce know their business well...we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone

My wife Deirdre and I knew the time had come to downsize from our large family home of 35 years to a residence more approproate for our age.
We researched our options and finally found a unit we felt comfortable with as our next home. Then came the part we dreaded most - we must sell our home.
How much is it worth? How do we present it to achieve the best price? Who is the best agent to appoint etc.
We had proposals from serveral agents and were analyzing these when yet another agent knocked on our door. After a brief chat we invited them to give us a proposal too.
That is when we felt we finally had all out questions answered and a strategy for the sale of our home became clear.
The agents were Kerry Huang and Joyce Liu of JRW Property International. Our home was sold ahead of auction for a very good price. From the day we appointed JRW Property as out agents we were kept informed of progress continuously, if we had questions it was answered promptly, nothing was a problem for Kerry or Joyce.
Kerry and Joyce know their business very well and follow through on every detail. We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone contemplating the sale of their property.


Professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy

Professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy

Mario and Kerry,

In our initial meeting you both were professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. After consulting with other agents in the area, we were confident that your agency was most suitable for the sale of our home. Throughout the marketing campaign, we received useful feedback and updates even on weekends and we felt in control despite sale results other properties were achieving in the area. We appreciate that you spent a lot of time out of the office hours to seek opportunities so that we were able to receive maximum results.

Up until the auction we had seen many properties pass-in and you both informed us of all the options we had, this helped us in making an educated decision to proceed to the auction. On the auction day my Husband and I were very anxious and you made us feel comfortable, we trusted your advice on putting our property on the market and had no issues with your guidance. We had one of our relatives messaging us the results as the team was busy with all the buyers, the bids just kept coming! Achieving record price on the day is still surreal.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Tim, Mary and Family

"...Results were a clear indication that they are true professionals in the field"

Jimmy and Kerry impressed us with their effective communication and great service throughout the whole selling process of our property.

Our house had been passed in at an auction and was on the market for a further two months with our previous agency with no results. I did have initial concerns regarding the marketing, but after Jimmy and Kerry presented me with a thorough explanation of the importance of each component, the end result gave a clear indication that they are true professionals in the field.

We were very pleased with the end result and the final price achieved as it surpassed what we had thought.


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